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Dear administrator...
Dear user...
This Website is intended for the exchange of descriptions, photos, personal information, genealogical data, etc. between members of your family organization.
Please register as administrator of your family organization, so that your family organization is admitted and you get your own webspace.
You will be able to add titles, explanations, etc. in your own language and character set by filling text in a database.
Be aware that family names are not unique. So, specify your family organization by additional origin information, for example:
Smith - Perry, Genesee, U.S.A.. This will be the list entry of your family organization. You may also add aliases of your family name.
As soon as your family organization is registered by a responsible administrator, you can enter descriptions, photos, personal information, genealogical data, etc. of your family.
Please register your family within your familiy organization.
Remember that you take the responsibility for your entries; note therefore the regulations about the protection of personality rights.
For the input of a family tree you may use the program Ancestral Quest (partly freeware). But it would be best to enter genealogical data directly into https://familysearch.org/tree.
Please provide your texts in the format .txt, photos in the format .jpg and videos in the format .mp4 or .mpg (max. 32 MB).