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The whole program is working and ready for use.
You can now download two manuals, one for the administrator and one for the user. There is a system description available, but only in German.

A claim could be to make a site accessible only for members of a family organization. Then it would not be possible to set links to another organization or family.
The support of PAF will not be continued. You should now use Ancestral Quest. Create in AQ a new file and import the GEDCOM file. Then use in the menu FamilySearch the commands Login and Link/Upload Individual to compare, link or upload data to Family Tree. Of course, Legacy, etc. work also.
Videos must have the format .mp4 or .mpg, playable with all Internet browsers and on all tablets. They are uploaded to YouTube and get unlisted status. When you delete a video, it is also removed from YouTube. Note that it is not possible to indicate if a video is too large. The maximal size of an upload is 32 MB. It means that you need to upload large videos separately. Images are immediately displayed. If you cannot watch an uploaded video at once, flip the page and wait a moment.

March 5, 2017