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Anne Frank
Giulietta Masina
Pablo Picasso
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Be aware that family names like "Smith" (field 1) are not unique. So, specify your family organization by additional origin information, for example: "Perry, Genesee, U.S.A." (fields 3 to 5). In this case, "Smith - Perry, Genesee, U.S.A." will be the list entry of your family organization. You may also add aliases of your family name (field 2). For the convenience of foreign users, you have to enter the name of your family organization and the origin in the character set US/Western European (ISO-8859-1). For all the other entries you can use your normal keyboard settings for UTF-8.
You can make changes of your personal data after clicking on the menu option Modify and likewise request a forgotten password or delete your personal data.
Please adapt the pages of your family organization by clicking on the menu option Modify ... Adapt. You can insert two photos, your News and a PDF document with the History of your family. We ask you to store a current copy of your archive on your PC for the case that the file on the server is damaged, but you will have to upload it as user with the menu option Genealogy.
As administrator, you are able to add titles, explanations, etc. in your own language by filling text in a database. Please open the database by clicking the menu option Modify ... Translate and enter the translation. Other languages can easily be added. Please write an email to

When you have registered for a test, then delete please afterwards your website (with Modify)!